Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So a nice little practice, with video following, on transposing. So if you know a tune in the key of A, you should be able to play the same tune in any other key. It is real easy on the mandolin because of the tuning of the instrument. Example: Boil Cabbage Down A string- 4//5//4//2// You are playing it in the key of what happens if you run into a fiddle player that wants to play it in D? Easy!!! Go up to D String and play the exact same series as are playing the same tune in the Key of D now. Wait, you run into a guitar player that has no capo and wants to play it so he/she can ring that bluegrass G run---Easy...same notes as above on the G string!! Now some horn player wants to play it in Bf...well that is going to be a different entry all together!! jam on mando friends!!

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