Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get them out of the case!!!

So as the first installment. Where to begin? First thought? Where are your instruments as you read this? AHHA..I knew it. In a case somewhere in your home, car or maybe your boat! Get them out and place them somewhere that is in your sight, your way, anything that encourages you to get your hands on them. Let nature take its course. You will play more often.


  1. there has been some idle concern about kids, pets and friends that might harm them while your instruments are out! Fooey!! It might encourage them to play too!

  2. Hello Anthony
    Just came across your YouTube videos, stunning playing!

    I play fiddle and concert ukulele so mandolin would have same string GDAE as fiddle (would a mandolin have similar fret sized to a concert ukulele?)

    What brand and model of mandolin do you use?

    1. Yes you could use the same gauge fret wire and the tuning is pretty much the same as your fiddle. Great luck and welcome to the mandolin world!! Enjoy!!! The mandolin in this vid is a Gilchrist Model 5..still sort of new but its starting to sound the way i like it.

  3. Hi there- You can use different gauges of fret wire for the mandolins but common is the same as the uke. The mandolin in this video is a Gilchrist Model 5.